Online tactical and recruitment scouting for sports teams - any place, any time.

Online tactical and recruitment scouting

Any place, Any time

SquadScout is an online tactical and recruitment scouting system for sports teams. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, it is available online as well as on tablet and mobile, allowing your scouts and analysts to work anywhere, anytime.

With versions for international, first team and academy scouting, the system is flexible and can be tailored to capture the information that matters to you without additional development effort.

To get you up and running quickly, you can pick from our out-of-the-box sports profiles such as soccer/football, basketball, hockey and rugby. And with competitive monthly per scout pricing, why wouldn't you want to?

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Key Features

All your information, wherever you are

SquadScout is designed around the roles of all the stakeholders involved in scouting activities, letting you access the information that important to you and your role quickly and easily. With quick access to your calendar, actions and information feed on desktop, tablet and mobile, it makes sure you're always ready wherever you are.

Comprehensive Match and Player Reports

Comprehensive match and player reporting covering match details, player information, formations, set pieces and related media. Best of all, the information captured focuses on what matters to your club through our self-managed bespoke configuration.

Lightning Fast Search Across All Your Data

All information held within the platform is searchable, with various search interfaces allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for including our new club and player intelligence reports designed specifically for pre-match tactic development.

Bespoke Configuration That Matches Your Team

With a dedicated administration panel available to power users, all aspects of the system is configurable out-of-the-box including positions, rating types, users, and much more. This allows the system to be made to fit you, not the other way around.

And much more...

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The Benefits

Owners and Chairpersons

For owners and chairpersons, SquadScout is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of all scouting activity going on in the club.

You can see information on who has been where, why they went, and what they did – with individual scout diaries and expenses tracking streamlining reporting and payment.

With all the information held securely, the system provides a single store of all your information assets including reports, stats, video and contacts such as agents, clubs or parent/guardians, so your club stays in control of the information.

Managers and Head Coaches

For managers and head coaches, SquadScout provides the ideal platform for running your tactical scouting efforts with comprehensive out-of-the-box team and player reports covering the key information required by any team.

All data is stored centrally and linked at match, club and player level, providing you with an online database of information that can be used to support game day planning through our intelligence reporting – or using the easy-to-use search functionality.

Finally, through our bespoke configuration options, managers can set their own criteria for player and match reporting, building upon our out-of-the-box scoring types and core measures to focus the scouting on what they care about.

Head of Recruitment and Scouts

For Heads of Recruitment, SquadScout provides the ideal platform for running your recruitment efforts with comprehensive player reporting that can be fine-tuned to what you care about using our bespoke configuration options.

With a configurable recruitment workflow of transition stages to support reporting, there is no need to pass paper around as you can easily assign and share actions with your scouts using their own diaries and to-do lists to build your own database of players.

Built around your own scoring scheme, the database helps you quickly identify players you like based on your own scout’s ratings, and makes sure you have all the information you require to approach a player including an integrated contacts database for agents, coaches or parent/guardians.

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